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The Process of Getting a Web Project Done with Me

Getting a web project done and done right involves thoughtful work and thorough communication. I find it's best to make the process as transparent as possible: here's how I do it and what you can expect while working with me.

Up Front Consultation

We'll talk about your project--everything I need to get me familiar enough with your project to make a proposal.

Project Proposal

After we talk and sort out the particulars, I will create for you a project proposal which includes a fixed price for the work and a detailed outline of what is included. The project will be broken in to modules, each with their own price tag so that you can see where and how the complexity of the project is distributed. I will also give you a proposed timeline by which the project will be complete, based on my immediate availability and project workload. Your acceptance plus a project inception fee of about one third of the project total will officially commence my work on the project.

Quick Iterations

Borrowing from agile methodology of software development, it is my preference during the project that I be able to do a show and tell session with you, demoing substantial progress about once a week. It is during these sessions that I will be most interested in your feedback, and happy to make tweaks and adjustments as needed to ensure the project is developing in accordance with your needs and vision.

Fixed-Price Project Invoicing

As modules are completed with cumulative dollar amounts above the inception fee, I will issue invoices for corresponding amounts no more frequently than once per week.

Final Review and Launch

When the work is complete I will solicit you once again for final review and feedback, and I'm always prepared to do last round tweaks and revisions. My aim in this last step is to polish the project to a point where you are completely satisfied. I'm a firm believer that if it's in the original scope of work, I'm on the hook to ensure that you love it.

Ongoing Maintenance and Support

When all is done and launched I will send you the final invoice. My obligation to you from that point is free bug fixes for an entire year: if there are any defects that are not caught at the completion of the project I still maintain responsibility for them long after that date. Speaking from extensive experience, most bugs in my work are fixed within 20 minutes of my learning of them, so if you come across an issue and I'm online at that moment, there's a good chance it'll be completely resolved very quickly.

Sound like a good way to do things? Then we should talk.