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There's a lot to know about a web developer for hire

Web application development is a smart field that covers a lot of breadth and a lot of depth. There's a vast range of skill level and ability that falls under the umbrella of hirable. Here are things worth knowing when considering me for your project:

The genres of technologies and platforms that I work with:

With mastery of a handful of fundamental technologies and a few choice platforms, I have the ability to create a massive range of web-based applications.

  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, the veritable backbone of the standards-based web.
  • Relational databases, including MySQL and MS SQL Server.
  • Classic ASP and PHP.
  • iPhone web apps.
  • Ruby on Rails.
  • WordPress.
  • XML, JSON, SOAP, and other varieties of glue technologies for integrations.

Why my clients love me:

Here are a few of the reasons why small companies and large corporations entrust their web development projects to me:

  • I'm bi-lingual: I fluently speak geeky tech and business savvy, meaning I know well the right tech tricks that are available and I represent well in the board room.
  • I've spec'd out literally over 1,000 web development jobs, so when I name a price and a timeline for them, it's accurate.
  • I don't ever come back saying that this thing I'd agreed to is going to cost more. If I were to underperform and take more time than I thought, that's my problem and I don't make it theirs.
  • I don't waste their time making them explain their needs any more than necessary: things don't get lost in translation.
  • I know when to circle back for clarifications when ambiguities arise, and I get a lot sorted out in a 5 minute phone call (as opposed to a 10 email volley).
  • I reduce typical months' or weeks' corporate dev cycles to weeks or days.
  • I'm interested in how the project affects their bottom line, and bother to learn enough to know how to maximize that effect.

You can see examples of my work in my portfolio.

You can find out a lot more of my philosophy and views about my trade in my blog, Programmer for Hire, including: