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Web Application Demos You Can Play With Right Now

Facebook. Gmail. Twitter. These are examples of some of the best known web applications. I build that sort of thing. Database driven, user focused, interactive experiences that run in your web browser, are easy to use, useful, and generally pretty to look at.

And you can hire me to bring your similar visions to life.

You can get a taste of both the variety and quality of work that I do in this realm by checking out the projects below.

Demo web application, CoachAccountable.


CoachAccountable is complete coaching software that I built using design input of my partners at Playground Creative. It is the best one-stop shop for getting acquainted with my work--it has a LOT of functionality to experience and eye candy to enjoy. You can log in to a demo account here using the following credentials:

Link    : www.coachaccountable.com
Username: demo
Password: demouser


SpotlightDenver is a twist on the deal-of-the-day industry: it is a marketplace of deals featuring between 20 and 30 at any time. This was built in about three weeks from near-scratch, a custom-built e-commerce engine tailored to fit the business perfectly.

Link    : www.spotlightdenver.com


DealNation does lead generation for the deal-of-the-day industry. As CTO I've been responsible for the building and evolution of their web application central to all facets of our operations.

Link    : www.dealnation.com
Demo custom developer interface application, trueDAT3.


trueDAT4 is a tool created to help developers with the database side of application development. It's essentially a ritzy, highly specialized database interface.

In other words, it's a tool I made to make my other work faster and more pleasant.

Even if you're not a developer, you can get a tour of the functionality and play with it here:

Link    : trueDAT4.us
Playground Creative, design partners for creating beautiful web applications.

Playground Creative

The Playground Creative portfolio showcases many other projects I've collaborated on with my design partners there. The site itself is a custom-built application I built to showcase our collective works, and features plenty of interactive bits to play around with and explore.

It is through my collaboration with Lee and Rob that I am able make my web applications look as good as they work, and you can see the result of this partnership in every project in the Web and Development sections of the site.

Link    : www.playgroundcreative.com

Like what you see and interested in what I can do for you? Then check out my process for doing client web projects or contact me for a free, lightweight consultation.