How's it going?

You know you need a web application built.

Not just a blog, or a brochure style web site, or even an off-the-shelf e-Commerce setup, but rather a custom crafted, interactive web application that is to fit the specifics of your project or business.

You probably have some experience with what it takes to get a web application built. Be it with your internal team or an outside contractor, you've probably experienced some or a lot of headaches that commonly come with the territory, such as:

  • changing needs
  • missed deadlines
  • lengthy meetings
  • communication gaps
  • uncertain and expanding price
  • unsatisfactory results

On-Demand Web Development Talent

I offer on-demand web development talent that is highly effective and easy to use. I have the technical talent to quickly design and create a wide range of web applications, and I relate to mindset of the business that drives them in the first place. I ensure that what gets built meets the project needs, and so what my clients get instead is:

  • insightful cross checking of assumptions
  • a much faster than usual completion
  • quick and to-the-point communications
  • an eye-to-eye, mutual understanding of details and goals
  • a fixed price that fits in the original budget
  • a satisfying sense that the project is handled, and with way less stress

Interested? You can give me a call at (720) 621-0600, or you can email me. We'll quickly explore what you need and go from there.


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