TableSorter Demo

Functionality to add sort capabilities to a table.

Click on a column header to sort by that column.

Supports numbers, strings, dates, checkboxes, inputs, and selects when given hints about datatypes in the column. Code to make this table sortable:

new TableSorter('dataTable', { cookieName: 'tableSort', columnDataTypes: 'int, string, date, money, checkbox' });

IDNameAddedCostIs Rad?
1Mario Kart8/12/1996 12:30 pm$49.99
2Mario Kart 642/03/1999 4:02 pm$69.99
3Talking Moose6/14/2008 8:22 amPriceless
4Velvet Jones' Diary6/14/1989 11:04 pm$5.28
5Stick of gum1/05/2012 3:20 pm$0.30
6Carl Fisk's Signature4/02/2001 6:14 pm$130.00
7First Car12/29/1997 9:10 am$10,000.00
8Ghetto-fab cellphone1/07/2010 3:10 pm$30
9Can of tuna1/04/2011 11:53 am$.69
10Improv Lessons2/18/2012 6:00 pm$45.00
11Fake Moustache10/13/1987 1:14 pm$3.00
12Moustache Comb10/13/1987 1:17 pm$1.15
13Desk Lamp12/27/2010 4:56 pm$29.95
14Argentine Prime Rib11/16/2009 9:25 pm$6.54
15apples09/20/1979 7:07 am$2.99
16berries7/15/2012 12:41 pm$4.99